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In the aftermath of the “We, Too, Are YU” protest, and in conjunction with concurrent administrative discussions, YUPA was launched as an unofficial club. A few times YUPA applied to be recognized as a club under the name “YU Alliance.” The general assembly elected not to vote on the matter, leaving it to the administration. It is alleged in YUPA’s lawsuit that the administration instructed the GA to do this. The case was brought to the Beren Student Council, due to their constitution having a non-discrimination clause, but they refrained from taking a position. 


Former Student Leaders Detail Past Efforts for LGBTQ Inclusion
Jacob Stone | November 24, 2019
YU Commentator
Students Discuss LGBTQ Issues at YCSA ‘Meet & Greet’
Sruli Fruchter | December 12, 2019
YU Commentator
Petition Supporting Formation of LGBTQ+ Club Signed by Over 50 Student Leaders
Yitzchak Carrol and Yosef Lemel | Feburary 3, 2020
YU Commentator
Student Council Abstains from LGBTQ Club Vote, Leaving Decision to YU Administration
Yitzchak Carrol and Elisheva Cohn | Feburary 9, 2020
YU Commentator
Student Council Presidents Abstain from Voting on LGBTQ+ Club
Observer Staff | Feburary 9, 2020
YU Observer

Beren Lawsuit

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