Westboro Baptist Church Protest and Counter-Protest

In 2017, the Westboro Baptist Church announced their intent to, and later held a protest against YU on March 27th. Part of the announced reason for the protest was, they claimed, Judaism’s role in promoting acceptance of Homosexuality. A counter-protest centered on defending YU’s queer students was organized by Asher Lovy, who described the purpose as being “to make sure that the LGBTQ students of Yeshiva University wouldn’t walk out and see a message of hate that wasn’t countered by a message of love”

News Articles

Opinions Articles about the protest and counter protest

Why We Must Protest The Westboro Baptist Church
Doniel Weinreich | March 24, 2017
YU Commentator
The Sad State of LGBTQ Inclusion at YU Needs to Change
Masha Shollar | March 9, 2017
YU Observer
Don’t Protest the Westboro Baptist Church
Doron Levine | Date
YU Commentator

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